1st Project


Align goals with strategy and tactical plans to increase customer awareness.  

The “blink”

A young, growing company saw an opportunity to mobilize around marketing efforts to increase awareness and customer acquisition. But the question was how? 


A new Philadelphia-based Urgent Care Business was in need of a marketing plan to jump start awareness and education for their brand. Sometimes even the simplest of tasks will have the greatest impacts. For this brand, it was all about a plan. With a good plan and focused execution, the rest fell into place. 


  • Optimized marketing budget and spend 
  • Implemented online/offline advertising across multiple channels 
  • Developed social media corridors and a path forward for increased content creation 
  • Conducted a vendor assessment and onboarded/offboarded to align with strategy 


Over the course of a 10-week sprint, web, SEO, SEM, social and community-based marketing efforts were assessed, organized and aligned resulting in the following: 

  • Social media visibility increase by XX percent  
  • Customer reviews increased by XX percent 
  • Web traffic increased by XX percent 
Jessica Podgajny